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Koppeling binnendraad


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Operation:  The RCS quick couplings are push-button operated compressed air safety quick-release couplings. Pressing the black button closes the air supply, the hose is vented and held in the quick coupling. After a second press, you can remove the hose from the quick coupling. You can also leave it hanging in the quick coupler without pressure. With this shortcut you have a shortcut that complies with the health and safety legislation and the safety requirements of the ISO 4414.

Features:  The RCS can be used on all nipples according to the ISO6150-C profile. Due to the diameter of the plug and quick coupling of 6 mm, there is limited pressure loss with small hand tools. The 8 mm passage is very suitable for larger tools for lorry workshops and the 11 mm is used in the large construction workshops. The extremely robust quick coupler is made of stainless 17% chrome steel and is intended for trouble-free use in very demanding applications.

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Koppeling binnendraad

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Koppeling binnendraad RCS08

BSPP 1/4", BSPP 3/8", BSPP 1/2"

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